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by Catharine Carter

Journey, a sequence of photomontage imagery that is interspersed with short writings from Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung which inspired Catharine’s images.


“The richly conceived composite images that shape Catharine Carter’s Journey are at once playful, fantastical, and serious. The book’s tribute to the romance of an old bookplate tradition combined with its deeply personal exploration of universally familiar dream fragments make Journey and odd and rare pleasure. We are never far from the marvelous.” — John Rosenthal


  • 112 page fine art press book measuring 8.5 x 11 inches in an edition of 300 copies.
  • Interior pages are printed on an Indigo press,  Smythe sewn and assembled by hand.
  • Covers were printed on a hand-fed,  hand-cranked letter press at Horse and Buggy Studio in Durham, NC.


The Standard Limited edition copies are numbered and signed.

About the Deluxe Limited Edition:  The first 26 copies were produced with handmade paper covers and these deluxe edition copies, lettered A-Z, are accompanied by a photomontage printed by the artist suitable for framing.


Deluxe Limited Edition: $325 USD
ISBN 000-10-00000-01-0
Shipping and Handling: $5.00


Standard Limited Edition: $140 USD
ISBN 000-10-00000-01-0
Shipping and Handling $5.00

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