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Magical Photo Shoot in the Garden

It was an honor to be invited to the Uncommon Garden in Chapel Hill to take some photographs last week.#1

I have participated in several shoots and events at the Garden,  and it is always nice to be there with or without a camera.

The beautifully sculpted landscape has many magical places and mysterious alcoves that inspire mythical and allegorical imagery.

I was delighted to have cooperative weather and two models on hand who were good sports,  even agreeing to slip into the chilly water for the sake of fine art. #6



Lately my focus has revolved around Pre-Raphaelite themes,  contrast and mythology.

In my recent work,  I have been experimenting with representing the human experience through archetypes and symbolic imagery.

As always,  my own experience is threaded into the stories that the images tell.


It will be interesting to see how the images will fit into the finished photomontage works.



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