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The Women’s Center Benefit

The Women’s Center Benefit

I happily contributed two miniature editions of my recent photomontage works for a silent auction at the 28th Annual ‘Through Women’s Eyes,  By Women’s Hands’  benefit for The Women’s Center last Friday at Top of the Hill Restaurant in Chapel Hill,  NC.

As I contemplated the images that would be appropriate for this event,  I reconnected with my perceptions of femininity. I found myself thinking of the gracefulness of form and tangled emotions inherent to the feminine experience.

Tangled illustrates the complexity interwoven with a woman’s life. Spinning and weaving is often used as a metaphor for the cycle of life and death.

Reflections #2 depicts two young women gazing into dark water, confronting their own images. Perhaps they are wondering what the future holds or contemplating how are they are portrayed to the outer world.

More than two hundred 5×7 works of art were displayed at the event for $50 each. The works were anonymous and the artist was not revealed until after the piece was purchased.

It was a successful fundraiser and a wonderful celebration of the Women’s Center’s work with great food and dancing.




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