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Through This Lens Gallery Talk

#1 TTL GalleryA great crowd of 25-30 photographers and gallery patrons gathered Sunday for my talk at Through This Lens Gallery,  where 18 photomontage pieces and three of my new collage works were on display.#2 Gallery Talk Image

I appreciated RoyLee’s invitation to share my process and vision with the group at Through This Lens.

This is the first time that I have presented the collage on a public stage and it felt like that new approach was well-received.

Preparing for the talk gave me a great opportunity to view the entire landscape of my career as a photographic artist, from my darkroom beginnings in the UNC photo lab to my current work and identity as an artist.

At the talk,  several people posed thought-provoking questions that let me know how they connected with my vision and the ways that my work related to their personal experiences.


I was happy the audience recognized storytelling as a central theme in my work and my integration of various textures in the design.

RoyLee will continue to display a few of my images at the gallery and I look forward to collaborating with Through This Lens on events in the future.



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